JAX® Mice Strain Collections

The Jackson Laboratory is home to thousands of genetically engineered mouse strains from every region of the research spectrum. Many of these strains are products of the most preeminent programs in biology today.

The Allen Institute for Brain Science

This effort, led by Dr. Hongkui Zeng, has created and made available dozens of neuronal cell type-specific cre-expressing and reporter strains. Cre expression has been characterized using in situ hybridization.

This program has also developed many strains for optogenetic research that express channelrhodopsin, halorhodopsin, and archaerhodopsin variants, calcium- or glutamate-reporter proteins, and voltage indicators. Many of these are expressed in a cre-dependent manner.

CHROMUS: Cornell Heart Lung Blood Resource for Optogenetic Mouse Signaling

This NHLBI-funded program develops mouse strains expressing optogenetic sensors and effectors for cardiac, vascular, and immunobiology.

GENIE: Genetically-Encoded Neuronal Indicator and Effector Project at HHMI/Janelia Farms

The goal of this program is to engineer genetically encoded tools for measuring and controlling neuronal activity in the intact brain. The JAX repository distributes mouse models expressing these protein sensors of neuronal function.

NIH Neuroscience Blueprint cre Driver Network

Novel strains with cre expression driven by specific neuronal promoters were created and characterized at the Cold Spring Harbor Lab and Baylor University.