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The information requested is required to ensure that JAX Mice are shipped to and used by organizations that have the appropriate staff and housing to care for these animals. Forms submitted with shipping addressees to countries in Europe or Asia will be shared with Affiliates serving as JAX Mice distributors in those countries. The Jackson Laboratory and its Affiliates will treat the information as confidential.

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Blood Order

Note: The amount of blood in a mouse varies by body size, age, and mutation. One milliliter (ml) of whole blood contains approx. 0.5 ml of plasma and 0.4 ml of sera. 

Collection Procedure:
The mice are euthanized by CO2 (carbon dioxide) asphyxiation and the blood is collected via an open chest cardiac puncture. A new sterile needle and syringe are used for each mouse. Blood for sera or plasma is place in an appropriate centrifuge tube and kept at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before being centrifuged. The blood product is placed in an appropriate collection tube for the type of product requested for storage and shipment as requested below. 

Tissue Order

The standard method of euthanasia is carbon dioxide asphyxiation for mice over seven days of age and decapitation for mice under seven days of age. Cervical dislocation is an alternative method for mice greater than 14 days of age.

Important Notes: 

1. Cancellation Policy: This is a special order and will be subject to a cancellation fee. For precise details of cancellation charges, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-422-6423 or 207-288-5845 or email: 

2. The price of this service does not include the cost of the mice needed to perform the service. The cost of the mice is additional. 

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