JAX® Mice Availability Information (Standard Supply Level Definitions)

We continually review and adjust inventory levels of our strains to keep pace with researchers' evolving needs. To help you plan your experiments, we have assigned each JAX® Mice strain a "standard supply level" to indicate the approximate quantities of mice that typically can be shipped from that colony during a fixed period of time (e.g., days or weeks).

JAX Mice Readily Available

Readily Available

Sized to accommodate large orders.

JAX Mice Available Now

Available Now

Sized to accommodate mid-sized orders.

Available JAX Mice


About 1800 unique mouse models are available across most therapeutic areas. Breeding colonies fluctuate in size depending on current demand. If a strain is not immediately available, an estimated lead time will be provided in 2-3 business days. General considerations:

  • Mice are typically delivered at 4-8 weeks of age
  • Age requests are not guaranteed
  • If cohorts of mice are needed at a specific age range for experiments, inquire with Customer Service for feasibility

Please refer to the strain datasheet for the average lead time for a specific strain of interest.

JAX Mice Available for Pre-order

Available for Pre-order

Colony under development; pre-orders strongly encouraged. Estimated availability date can change if demand increases during development or if strain exhibits less than typical reproductive performance. Shipments will be prioritized by order date. Contact Customer Service to place an order.

JAX Mice Available for Registering Interest

Available for Registering Interest

Not available for ordering yet; register interest to be informed of changes in availability or Contact Technical Support for more information.

JAX Mice Availability Varies

Availability Varies

Availability is determined by The Jackson Laboratory scientist holding the strain or availability has recently changed for that strain. Contact Customer Service for more information.

JAX Mice Cryopreservation & Cryorecovery

Cryorecovery Available

JAX® Mice strains with limited and infrequent demand are maintained in a cryopreserved state. Typically mice are recovered in 11-14 weeks. Contact Customer Service to place an order or for more information.