Virtual Teaching the Genome Generation™

Professional development for teachers, an authentic genomics experience for students.

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High school teachers are invited to enroll in our free virtual Teaching the Genome Generation™ professional development course! This self-paced course offers a modern, approachable genomics curriculum for high school students that combines laboratory techniques, bioinformatics exercises and bioethics discussions. Enrolled teachers will join the global TtGG™ network and have unlimited access to the course and its resources.

Teachers will receive instruction in all three elements of our integrated NGSS-aligned curriculum:

  • Molecular genetics laboratory techniques
  • Use of bioinformatic tools
  • Discussion of the ethics of genetics research and genetic testing

By using the TtGG™ curriculum in your classroom, your students will be able to build laboratory skills and learn to connect classroom genetics with real world concepts, including:

  • Human genetic variation
  • Personalized medicine
  • Biotechnology careers

The self-paced course takes approximately 10-12 hours to complete, and its modular format allows busy teachers to participate on their own schedules. Course modules include:

  • Instructional content in both written and video formats
  • Interactive tutorials
  • Knowledge check quizzes
  • Planning assignments that allow teachers to think and write about how to use the lessons in their own classes
  • Free access to all lesson plans and curricular materials

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What teachers are saying about Virtual TtGG™:


"I am excited to incorporate the lessons on bioinformatics in my classroom and believe they will fit well and easily into my current curriculum."


"The materials were excellent, and I enjoyed working through them as if I was a student… I feel I gained knowledge and skills that will make me a better teacher of these skill-based activities."


"I already include bioethics in my curriculum but am excited about the additions that are in the virtual TtGG™ curriculum. I really like the discussion on the ACE gene and athletics. I think that by bringing athletics and privacy into the discussion it would increase the engagement of many of my students."


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