Modeling Hearing and Balance Disorders in Mice: The Hear@JAX Workshop

This workshop represents an intensive hands on training opportunity for graduate students, postdocs and investigators wishing to gain expertise in characterizing mouse auditory and vestibular function. This workshop is for a small number of participants and includes classroom lectures in the morning, followed by laboratory sessions in the afternoon. A primary aim of this workshop is to promote communication among investigators and students in various fields of biology related to hearing and balance, with a focus on the realized and potential applications of the mouse to their field of study. Toward this end, students and established investigators from several disciplines will have an opportunity to share new ideas and identify potential collaborations, and students will be provided the opportunity to present their own research results and discuss potential career opportunities. Lectures will be offered in the Highseas Conference Center, and hands on sessions will be held at The Jackson Laboratory main campus in the Applied Genetics Training Laboratory.