Integrity, People, One Team, Excellence, Innovation, Stewardship

INTEGRITY - Courage and commitment to do what is right.

  • Exemplifies professional and ethical behaviors.
  • Treats all with courtesy, honesty, dignity and respect.
  • Communicates in an open constructive manner.
  • Holds oneself and others responsible for outcomes and results.
  • Speaks up and takes positive action when something appears wrong or inappropriate.

PEOPLE - Inspiring our people to enhance the health of all.

  • Lives the mission and delivers on the promise.
  • Cares for others and creates a productive and healthy work environment.
  • Embraces feedback.
  • Makes safety a primary responsibility.
  • Devotes oneself to lifelong learning and mentoring.

ONE TEAM - Unified by our promise to transform medicine and science.

  • Shares credit, accepts responsibility, and celebrates success.
  • Listens to understand others’ goals and works together to achieve them.
  • Respects and values diversity of experience.
  • Proactively collaborates to carry out the mission and achieve the promise.

EXCELLENCE - Achieving world-class results.

  • Sets high standards and achieves world class quality.
  • Anticipates and exceeds stakeholder and customer needs and expectations.
  • Acts with focus, urgency and purpose.
  • Actively examines processes to achieve productivity, reliability and efficiency.

INNOVATION - Leading with discovery and creative solutions.

  • Relentlessly pursues knowledge and drives new ideas.
  • Supports new understanding with data and facts.
  • Actively seeks opportunities for improvement and develops meaningful solutions.
  • Takes calculated risks and challenges conventional wisdom.
  • Supports and embraces productive change.

STEWARDSHIP - Caring for and enhancing the resources entrusted to us.

  • Strengthens JAX’s relevance and long-term viability.
  • Ensures the ethical and humane treatment of animals in our care.
  • Safeguards research and clinical materials and information.
  • Treats fiscal resources responsibly.
  • Minimizes environmental foot print of JAX activities.