Accelerating Discovery

  • Video: Accelerating discovery

    The Jackson Laboratory is leading the search for cures through the science of genetics, genomics and precision medicine.  Learn more about how the Laboratory’s scientists are accelerating discovery in order to find more effective, precise and personalized ways to treat, prevent and cure diseases like cancer — and about how philanthropy makes our mission possible.

  • A faster way to fight cancer

    The story of Kelsey Gallagher highlights the hope and the limitations of current therapies for cancer. The future of cancer treatment lies in more personalized, precise medicine, fueled by the latest scientific advances. The Jackson Laboratory is using genomics and cancer avatars to identify, faster and with greater precision, which treatments will be effective in the individual patient.

  • The gene detective

    By harnessing the most advanced data-mining tools, Jackson Laboratory Professor Carol Bult is leading the hunt for suspect genes that contribute to a common, deadly birth defect.