Review Types

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Levels of Review:

Exempt Research  

"Exempt" research does require IRB review.  To qualify, research must fall into one of six federally defined exempt categories.  This type of research presents the lowest amount of risk to participants.  Examples of research that may be "exempt" are anonymous surveys/interviews, passive observation of public behavior, some research done in educational settings, and research which involves the collection or study of existing data.  Exempt research does not require review by the Full Board at a convened meeting.  For a full list of the exempt categories, follow this link: Categories of Exempt Research 

Expedited Research

To qualify for expedited review, research must fall into at least one of nine federally-defined categories and be of no greater than minimal risk to participants.    Some examples of research that may  be eligible for expedited review are those involving collection of hair, saliva, or dental plaque, studies of blood samples from healthy volunteers, analyses of voice recordings, and research with existing pathological specimens with patient identfiers.   Exempt research does not typically require review by the Full Board at a convened meeting.  For a full list of the expedited categories, follow this link: Categories of Expedited Research

Full Committee Research

Proposed human subject which does not fall into either the exempt categories OR expedited categories must be submitted for Full Board review at a convened meeting.

Please contact the IRB if you have submission questions.