JAX® Cryo Storage Service

JAX maintains over 14,000 strains in a cryopreserved state. All tanks are auto filled, auto alarmed, routinely inspected and under 24/7 surveillance in secure facilities. We divide samples among multiple tanks in multiple locations for extra safety and security.

Cryo Storage 

The Jackson Laboratory provides safe, secure liquid nitrogen storage of cryopreserved mouse sperm and embryos generated using our services and the JAX Sperm Cryo Kit. Samples are stored in three tanks in two locations that are auto-filled, auto-alarmed, and constantly monitored in a secure building. The Jackson Laboratory can quickly and cost-effectively attempt recovery of your cryopreserved germplasm. All recovered mice are SOPF.

For storage of strains cryopreserved elsewhere, please inquire at jaxservices@jax.org. 

Bulk Cryo Storage

JAX offers bulk cryo storage for samples cryopreserved by transgenic core facilities, institutions, and investigators. Off-site storage at a secondary facility that has the experience and skill to recover your samples is a key component of a robust disaster recovery. 


  • Storage packages start at three years.
  • Available for mouse germplasm (sperm, embryos, or mES cells).
  • Choose to backup your own storage (place your samples in a single tank at JAX) or have JAX become your primary storage site for your samples (duplicate samples in two tanks). 


  • Samples should be in clearly labeled vials or straws within cryo boxes, canes, or cassettes. 
  • An electronic inventory of samples referenced by storage unit (cryo box or cassette) should be provided. 


Please inquire at jaxservices@jax.org.