JAX Cryopreservation Services Available

JAX Continues to Support Research during COVID-19 Pandemic


Our priority has always been to support the scientific community and this remains true as we all are quickly reacting to COVID-19. We at JAX remain focused on ensuring the health and well-being of our community and mice. Our emergency response protocols have enabled us to continue to support and provide uninterrupted access to JAX® Mice and Services.

Our history with risk mitigation and supporting other organizations during natural disasters has allowed us to create internal programs and assist others in preparing for all unforeseen circumstances. Here are resources to help you ensure your research is safe.

Mitigating Loss and Ensuring Research Continuity

At JAX, our scientists have extensive experience in mouse model breeding and husbandry, enabling you to cryopreserve and recover mouse strains quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively when ready. You can ensure your research continuity by sperm cryopreservation or using sperm cryo kits.

Sperm Cryopreservation

Sperm Cryopreservation techniques were developed by JAX scientists and are an essential tool to conserve resources when you are not actively using a model and to ensure your valuable strains are protected from unfortunate events.

Schedule to have your key strains cryopreserved by contacting jaxservices@jax.org. We will schedule a pick up of your mice using our transportation company BioTrans.

What you need to know about JAX Sperm Cryopreservation:

  • You only need 2 males for sperm cryopreservation
  • JAX will store at least 18 straws of sperm per strain
  • We will store your straws for two years in several tanks in multiple locations

Sperm Cryo Kit

Sperm Cryo Kit allows you to preserve valuable strains in your lab so you do not have to ship animals. Similar to our sperm cryopreservation, we will store your straws for two years in several tanks in multiple locations

Request a Sperm Cryo Kit to for cryopreservation at your lab by contacting jaxservices@jax.org. We will immediately ship our Sperm Cryo Kit to your institution.

Each Sperm Cryo Kit Includes:

  • All unique reagents, cryopreservation apparatus, and the plasticware you need to cryopreserve your strains
  • Illustrated instruction manual
  • Extra materials for a practice run

Please notify us if you are unable to accept or need to cancel your mice orders by emailing orderquest@jax.org.

To learn more about JAX's response to COVID-19 click here.