Diabetes Onset in NOD/ShiLtJ

Stock Number 001976

Diabetes onset was monitored weekly between the ages of 3 and 30 weeks in 80 male and 120 female NOD/ShiLtJ bred in the Bar Harbor and Sacramento facilities. Mice were fed a 6% fat diet (LabDiet 5K52 formulation), ad libitum. Diabetes was defined by a non-fasting blood glucose level exceeding 250 mg/dL. Blood was sampled in the morning from the submandibular route and analyzed using a OneTouch Ultra 2 handheld glucometer that was validated using a control solution on each measurement day. Mice were removed from the study once they became diabetic or were used for additional phenotyping.

Data were combined from two independent studies that each included 40 males and 60 females. The median female onset was 18 weeks, and the Kaplan-Meier curves from the individual studies (conducted in Standard and Maximum barrier rooms) did not differ significantly. Body weights from this study are
also available.