Syngeneic Studies

A syngeneic mouse model, also known as an allograft mouse tumor system, provides an effective approach for studying how cancer therapies perform in the presence of a functional immune system. | 1.800.422.6423 (US) (International)

Example Study

Experimental Design
  • Subcutaneous engraftment into 6-8 week old mice of CT26 (BALB/cJ) backgrounds
  • 5 study groups (n=10 per group):
    • Vehicle, positive control (JAX provides), and three test groups (2 compounds+1 combo, 3 compounds or other permutations)
    • Dosing up to 2x per week for up to 28 days
    • Body weight/clinical observations/tumor volume measurements up to 3x per week
  • Study report
  • Terminal blood
  • Tumor collection
  • FACS analysis (blood, spleen, lymph nodes, tumor)
  • Histology

Example Study: Anti-Mouse PD1/CTLA4 in CT26 engrafted BALB/cJ

Mice: Female BALB/cJ at ~6 weeks of age

Cells: CT26 cells subcutaneously injected at 2.5x106 cells per mouse

Dosing: Mice were grouped into four groups: IgG control (n=10), Anti PD-1 (n=9), Anti CTLA-4 (n=10), and Anti PD-1 +Anti CTLA-4 (n=10). Mice were IP dosed as follows:

 Anti-Mouse PD1/CTLA4 in CT26 Engrafted BALB/cJ Dosing

Measurements: Body weight/clinical observations/tumor volume measurements 2X-3X per week

Duration: Mice were taken down when tumor volume reached 2000mm3 or when the tumor became ulcerated

Study Results: Anti-Mouse PD1/CTLA4 in CT26 Engrafted BALB/cJ – Tumor Volume

CT26 in BALB/cJ Mice Tumor Volume



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