Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

Imaging Sciences

Imaging Sciences provides access, training, and consultation supporting light microscopy, flow cytometry, and cytogenetics technologies. This services is exclusively for scientists and researchers of The Jackson Laboratory.

The Light Microscopy and Cytogenetic Services include standard widefield microscopy, advanced fluorescent microscopy, live-cell imaging, laser capture, image analysis, slide scanning, 3D reconstruction, and complete cytogenetics services.

The Flow Cytometry Service performs a wide variety of analytical studies including immuno-phenotyping; mutant detection, screening, and characterization; detection of intracellular cytokines and molecules; enzyme and reporter gene detection; DNA analysis; and apoptosis studies. In addition, the Service provides sterile sorts of specific cell populations for in vivo and in vitro studies as well as for RNA extraction. The Flow Cytometry Service houses both cytometers used for analysis and sorting in both Bar Harbor and Farmington. In Bar Harbor we have a large inventory of titrated antibodies for purchase by users and can also provide custom conjugated, titrated, reagents for many applications, and we maintain and distribute the SV40 transformed cell line repository.

Scientific CORE at Jackson Laboratory