Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

Clinical Chemistry

The Clinical Chemistry laboratory tests mouse blood and urine for organ systems assessment, phenotyping confirmation, and sick mouse diagnostic purposes. The menu offers over 40 biochemical assays, cytokine analysis and a comprehensive hematology profile, including all reticulocyte parameters.

State of the art equipment consists of the Beckman Coulter DxC 700 AU chemistry analyzer, the Sysmex XN-1000V hematology analyzer and the Meso Scale Discovery MESO QuickPlex SQ 120. Technologists trained in mouse physiology and metabolisms analyze the samples. The official turnaround time for results is two weeks, however, typically data is sent to customers within one week for chemistry submissions and within 24 hours for hematology submissions. Sample volume is kept at a minimum. Collection protocols have been meticulously studied and perfected for optimum results.

Daily mouse controls, as well as three levels of commercial controls, with calibration monitoring and diligent maintenance keep the analyzers running in excellent condition. Reliable, accurate results are the mission of this service.