Obtaining DNA

Most novel mutations are cryopreserved as frozen embryos or germplasm for future use. However, remutations of known genes are sometimes preserved only as DNA. Typically remutations only available as DNA are those that emerged prior to advances in sperm cryopreservation, or those for which a mutation is already available on the same genetic background with a similar phenotype. 

If you are in need of live mice but the strain you are interested in is available as DNA only, please check the JAX® Mice Database for similar strains. In many cases a related allele is available as a live mouse or as cryopreserved stock. For example, while Atp7aMo-pew3J exists as DNA only, an earlier allele, Atp7aMo-pew, is cryopreserved. 

 If you are in need of DNA only, please contact GRS with the JR# and strain name of the model that interests you.