PDX Efficacy Services

Simplify compound efficacy studies by partnering with our experienced study directors. Our preclinical testing facility uses the Patient-Derived-Xenograft (PDX) platform to predict the effectiveness of novel or existing therapeutics on over 350 genetically characterized clinically relevant cancer models.

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Efficacy Studies Accelerating Drug Discovery

We offer customizable study designs, to test the effectiveness of novel or existing therapeutic compounds to advance cancer research and enable the selection of immuno-therapeutics and personalized cancer treatments. We have established and banked over 350 early passage Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) models that more accurately recapitulate primary human tumor biology.

Trial Simulation

Typically, cohorts of PDX-bearing NSG™ mice are randomized onto a study when tumors reach ~250 mm3. A sample standard study design, as follows, is customizable to your specifications in collaboration with your dedicated In Vivo Pharmacology Study Director and their team.


• Vehicle and drug formulated under your defined conditions
• Standard delivery methods available (IP, IV, SC, PO, ID and others possible)
• 1-5 weeks dosing period up to 21 doses per mouse

Biweekly measurements

• Tumor caliper dimensions
• Body weight monitoring
• Clinical observations

Study termination

• Tumor volume of 1500 mm3 or 60days post treatment initiation
• Tumors can be collected for biomarker analysis, flow cytometry, gene expression and histology

Efficacy Testing of Cancer Immunotherapeutics in hu-NSG™

This innovative service offers a valuable preclinical testing platform for immuno-oncology, to simulate trials, evaluate multiple drugs alone or in combination, to produce predictive data. JAX In Vivo Pharmacology Services has experience engrafting primary human tumor (PDX) and cell-line tissues in humanized NSG™ mice and has the capability to evaluate immune checkpoint drugs alone or in combination.