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Cytogenetics and Down Syndrome Models Resource Request for Animals Form

Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Distribution NICHD)/National Institutes of Health (NIH) Distribution Mouse Models for Chromosomal Disorders


The Cytogenetics and Down Syndrome Mouse Models Resource is funded by an NICHD/NIH contract and administered by The Jackson Laboratory.  All requests for mice are reviewed by NICHD Program Officers.   Special consideration regarding inventory allotment and price is given to those investigators with federal funding pursuant to the study of Down syndrome or related research.  It is required that all investigators requesting mice fill out the request form below.  You will be contacted by customer service to finalize the specifics of your order before it is placed. Approval of a request does not guarantee that an order will be fulfilled exactly as it is requested, as orders will be filled based on strain availability and need to maintain the colony. After you have submitted your form, your order must be placed with the JAX Customer Service Department at 1-800-422-MICE or (207) 288-5845, or fax to 207-288-6150.

I. Scientific Request Information

A: General Requester Information

B: Funding source (e.g., National Institutes of Health, Howard Hughes, etc). Please avoid the use of undefined acronyms.

If you do not have a funding source for the project, please indicate “none”.

If you do not have a funding source for the project, please indicate “none”.

C.   Research project description

D. Published work using mice from this resource

II. Animals Requested

III. Other Information

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