Data & Database Resources

  • SNP Database

    High quality single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) database with more than 8 Million SNPs from 74 strains of laboratory mice, drawn from several sources.

  • QTL Archive

    70+ QTL studies in a number of research areas, gathered and curated by the Churchill Group QTL Archive initiative.Each QTL study has phenotype and genotype data for members of a population derived from a specific cross.

  • International Mouse Strain Resource

    The IMSR is a searchable online database of mouse strains, stocks, and mutant ES cell lines available worldwide, including inbred, mutant, and genetically engineered strains.

  • Mouse Tumor Biology Database

    The Mouse Tumor Biology (MTB) Database supports the use of the mouse as a model system of hereditary cancer by electronic access to a variety of information.

  • MouseCyc

    MouseCyc is a new, manually curated database of both known and predicted metabolic pathways for the laboratory mouse. The database records for 1,060 genes in Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) are linked directly to 294 pathways, 1,790 enzymatic reactions, and 1,122 compounds in MouseCyc.

  • Gene Ontology Consortium

    The Gene Ontology (GO) project is a collaborative effort to address the need for consistent descriptions of gene products across databases.