Stocks with spontaneous mutations

Common name Genetic manipulation Formal designation Stock (JR) #
NOD.lprnull Spontaneous Mutation/Congenic NOD.MRL(C3)-Tnfrsflpr/DoiJ 004519
NOD.db5 Spontaneous Mutation/Coisogenic NOD-Leprdb-5J/LtJ 004939
NOD.Foxp3sf Spontaneous Mutation/ Congenic NOD.Cg-Foxp3sf/DoiJ 006775
FVB.Akita Spontaneous Mutation/ Congenic FVB.B6-Ins2Akita/MlnJ 006867
DBA.Akita Spontaneous Mutation/ Congenic D2.B6-Ins2Akita/MatBJ 007562
129S6-Akita Spontaneous Mutation/ Congenic 129S6.B6-Ins2Akita/CofJ 007688
NOD.Fas<gld> Spontaneous Mutation/ Congenic NOD.C3(B6)-Faslgld/LwnJ 008223

Please note

The Type 1 Diabetes Resource does not hold all the stocks at The Jackson Laboratory relevant to type 1 diabetes research. Visit this link to see a compiled list of type 1 diabetes mouse models held by JAX® Mice, including the NOD with the severe combined immunodeficiency spontaneous mutation (Prkdcscid).