Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

Next Generation Sequencing

Starting from tissue, the NGS team has methods and expertise for nucleic acid purification, sequencing library construction and deep sequencing. Data QC and analysis is available through Computational Sciences-Biostatistics. Services for library construction for DNA, RNA and small RNA are available to JAX faculty. Libraries constructed in research labs may be delivered to NGS labs for quantitation and sequencing.

Illumina NGS Service: NGS offers library preparation (see below) and deep sequencing on the Illumina X Ten, HiSeq 2500, NextSeq and MiSeq sequencers using a variety of different methods to meet the specific needs of each project. Depending upon experimental design it is possible to multiplex hundreds of samples. All sequencing libraries, whether constructed by NGS or in a research lab, go through a thorough QC step to ensure optimal sequence depth and quality.

PacBio RSII Services: NGS offers SMRTbell DNA library preparation services and single molecule sequencing on PacBio RSII sequencers. This technology can generate about 50 million sequencing reads per SMRTcell with an average read length as high as 10KB.

NanoString nCounter Services: NGS offers multiplexed gene expression and CNV analysis on the Nanostring nCounter system. As many as 800 different RNAs, microRNA s or DNA loci can be analyzed from a single sample. Custom or off-the-shelf CodeSets are available.

DNA Library Preparations Available:

  • DNA Preparation and QC
  • Covaris Fragmentation of DNA and chromatin
  • Whole Genome
  • Mouse/Human Exome
  • Cancer Treatment Profile
  • ChIP-Seq
  • Methyl-Seq, Reduced Representation Bisulfite
  • Methyl-Seq, Digital Restriction Enzyme Analysis of Methylation (DREAM)
  • Mate Pair
  • PacBio
  • TruSeq Custom Amplicon
  • Nextera/NexteraXT
  • Amplicon/CRISPR Amplicon
  • Array Capture up to 10 mb

RNA Library Preparations Available:

  • RNA Preparation and QC
  • mRNA-seq
  • Total RNA-seq (ribo zero)
  • NuGEN low input
  • TruSeq targeted RNA-seq
  • Small RNA
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