Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

Genome Technologies

Comprised of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and Sanger Sequencing, Genome Technologies provides analysis capability for researchers across all JAX physical locations. Different equipment is housed at JAX Genomic Medicine and at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, but the departments work together with researchers independent of location.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): Starting from tissue, the NGS team has methods and expertise for nucleic acid purification, sequencing library construction, deep sequencing, data QC and analysis. Services for library construction for DNA, RNA and small RNA are available. Libraries also may be constructed in your lab and delivered to the NGS labs for quantitation and sequencing.

Sanger Sequencing: Performs Sanger sequencing for a variety of applications including validation of Next Generation Sequencing discoveries, identifying CRISPR induced mutations, and the sequencing of PCR amplicons and plasmids.

Scientific Research Services for faculty at The Jackson Laboratory