Research Program of the JAX Cancer Center

The Jackson Laboratory Cancer Center has one Research Program, Genetic Models for Precision Cancer Medicine. Three interdependent aims unite the membership on both the JAX Mammalian Genetics and JAX Genomic Medicine campuses with the goal of advancing precision oncology through basic research discoveries with potential for translational and clinical impact. 

Aim 1 develops novel organismal, cellular, and computational models of cancer, drawing on the JAXCC’s strengths in model development. Aim 2 explores the genomic instability and genetic complexity of cancer and determines their functional consequences in the cancer cell. Work in this aim uses advanced computational methods and technologies to interrogate the models developed in Aim 1 as well as patient samples. Aim 3 investigates how key components of a tumor and the host contribute to cancer biology, examining the cancer cell intrinsic and extrinsic components of a malignant tumor. Results from studies in Aim 3, integrated with the genetic alterations identified in Aim 2 with models developed in Aim 1, will allow us to deconvolute the complex interactions of the tumor and host microenvironments.