Cancer Education and Career Enhancement

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The Cancer Education & Career Enhancement (CECE) Core ensures that trainees and junior faculty have access to education and mentoring opportunities that will support them in developing the skills necessary to become leaders in cancer research. The Core coordinates existing and new education programs to create modular training and mentoring opportunities that cover the continuum of cancer research. A modular approach serves a wide range of learners, as individuals can choose programs that best meet their needs and career path. Bringing existing programs that serve basic research, clinical, and educator audiences under the JAXCC umbrella allows the CECE Core to address unmet content needs along the continuum, and reach desired audiences. The Core also creates opportunities for dialog between basic research, translational and clinical scientists and provides basic researchers with the translational and clinical perspective necessary to identify and tackle the areas of greatest need for fundamental, mechanistic research.

Educational training programs offer opportunities for early career researchers as they begin and progress in their cancer-related careers. These training programs are managed by JAX’s Genomic Education team and include:

Our cancer courses, workshops and online training tools will provide modular educational experiences for high school through junior faculty to foster continuous, life-long learning

Our clinically-oriented and translational educational activities expose basic scientists to core concepts in cancer medicine and train oncologists and related clinicians in the tenets of genomic sciences relevant to their clinical practice.  Educational modules are developed and offered through the Clinical and Continuing Education Program at JAX.

The CECE also supports education in genomic medicine for regional clinical oncologic practitioners through the Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative, a unique community education program that connects cancer care providers throughout the state with access to:

  • Genomic Tumor Board
  • Interactive, online CME modules
  • In person forums
  • Highlighted resources and databases

JAX Cancer Center trainees and faculty have opportunities to participate in MCGI educational efforts.