From start to finish, JAX is a partner in your success

 We recognize that different expertise is needed to address different diseases. Our model development work is done in collaboration with experts in the field—pharmaceutical, biotech, academic and foundation partners—to make sure we are collectively getting the most out of the models available. By tapping into the breadth of our own scientific staff and engaging experts from around the world, we are able to make resources for disease research available as quickly as possible.

Benefits of partnering with us:

  • Eliminate importation and re-derivation time and costs by engineering new models onsite;
  • Standardize the genetic background through marker-assisted backcrossing;
  • Develop genotyping and other assays for quality assurance;
  • Provide expertise in phenotyping, histological analysis and pathology;
  • Coordinate technology transfer and intellectual property management; and
  • Distribute high health status new mouse models to the global scientific community.

Accessibility to mouse models for preclinical testing is crucial to accelerate the drug-discovery process. Our goal is to promote the rapid distribution and availability of models to researchers around the globe.

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