Building preclinical models 

We develop mouse models that optimize research

Working with research partners, we genetically engineer new mouse models, from construct creation and microinjection to evaluation and characterization. These models often harbor patients’ gene mutations and deletion of the associated mouse genes to create “humanized” mice for the testing of new targeted therapeutics.

We offer complete capabilities to guide model development projects from beginning to end. Our team also enhances existing models to ensure reproducibility of data across laboratories over time. We offer a coordinated approach to put new tools into the hands of scientists rapidly and efficiently to accelerate drug discovery across the globe.

Expanding the number and variety of models available for rare and orphan disease research is essential for the discovery of treatments and even cures.

We are creating, refining and expanding models for rare disease research by:

  • Engineering models, including those with patients’ mutations to create “humanized” mice for translational research;
  • Enhancing models through characterization, quality assurance and genetic background standardization; and
  • Consulting to provide expertise and advice to partners considering construction of a new mouse model.