Rare disease mouse models

Accelerating drug discovery with targeted distribution

Mouse models are research tools that should be available to every scientist, but the lack of public accessibility, licensing restrictions and other administrative issues can inhibit scientific discovery.

The Rare Disease Translational Center is working with scientists and research institutes to ensure global access and distribution of critical models for disease research.

With more than 5,000 strains available for distribution, our growing mouse resources include:

  • Translational models, many harboring patients’ mutations;
  • Hundreds of strains for the study of rare and orphan diseases, many of which are license-free; and
  • The latest new models.

Search for mouse models by human disease term.

As a result of partnerships with private and public resources, we also have developed selected noteworthy collections of disease models within our vast holdings.

A recognized leader in the distribution of pre-clinical mouse models that replicate many aspects of human diseases, The Jackson Laboratory has the infrastructure, procedures and expertise to collect and deliver new and unique disease models quickly and efficiently to the scientific community.