Research Cores

The Center has created a strong environment in which to conduct research on aging through the provision of state-of-the-art research resources. The Center’s Research Cores provide care for mouse colonies (Animal Core), phenotyping of these animals (Health Span Core), and tracking and analysis of the resulting data (Statistical Core). The Center is also evaluating, integrating and disseminating data relating to the genetics of aging from mouse, human and other organisms (Translational Core). Together these Cores foster shared use and collaborative research, and are utilized by researchers within and outside of the Center.

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides the management of the overall Center, as well as support for the External and Internal Advisory Boards.

Core leader: Gary Churchill


The Center Director is responsible for managing the Center, addressing issues of fiscal management and compliance with institutional, HHS, NIH and NIA policies.

External Advisory Board

The Center has established an External Advisory Board, an advisory panel of experts from outside the institution. This panel convenes annually at The Jackson Laboratory and evaluates the progress of the Center.

Internal Advisory Board

Scientific and organizational guidance is also provided by the Internal Advisory Board. The Board meets annually with the Center Director and the Center leadership team to discuss the Center’s scientific direction. Monthly meetings with the Center Director and the Center leadership team provide a forum for reviewing the Center’s science and operations.