Xiaowen Chen, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

I am committed to discovering fundamental principles and biological regulation of cancer cells using computational methods and sequencing datasets.

I developed the computational algorithms to determine the links between small molecules and microRNAs in human cancers and the pathways associated with adverse drug reactions (ADRs). I developed a strategy to effectively predict the relationship between proteins and ADRs, which markedly improved the screening of ADRs in clinical drug-discovery trials. I used machine learning to identify transcription factors of sub-compartments and perform network topology analysis of sub-compartments to validate the accuracy of Sub-Compartment Identifier algorithm. I used computational and sequencing methodologies to examine the genetic and epigenetic heterogeneity in cancer cells, which is essential for elucidating the initiation and progression of cancer. I also studied lymphomagenesis and identified the epigenetic pattern which contributed to lymphomagenesis.

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Education and experience


Harbin Medical University
Ph.D., Biological Physics
Adv: Xiao Li

Harbin Institute of Technology
M.S., Mathematics

Harbin normal university
B.A., Mathematics


Harbin normal university
Associate Professor

Harbin normal university