Min Tang-Schomer, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

With a central theme of applying innovative engineering approaches to understand the brain, my research has span a diverse range of different disciplines including engineering, biomaterials, and neural cell biology. 

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Farmington, CT

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The overarching theme of my current research is to develop clinically relevant human brain tissue models for translational research. My research attemps to answer the fundamental questions: How can we grow neural cells from surgically resected human brain tissue into a living organ in a dish? What are the fundamental functional features of the brain tissue that can be realized in a dish to understand the brain's neural network function?

My past research has made a consistent effort in applying cutting-edge technologies to probing mechanistic questions in the context of brain injury and repair. These technologies include bioMEMS, neural cell-electronics interface, material design and tissue engineering. My research accomplishments include biomechanical mechanisms underlying neuronal injury in brain trauma, novel biomaterial-based drug delivery systems for the brain, pioneering work in micro-fabrication of living tissue constructs, including biological hydrogel (collagen, gelatin and fibrin) and silk proteins, and bioengineered blood vessels, brain-like and nerve tissues.