Mary Dolan, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Work in biomedical ontology development, comparative genomics, and the development of computational methods and tools for genetic and genomic data integration, statistical analysis, and visualization.

My early research was in the area of chemical physics performing computational modeling of molecular collisions. My work in biological systems began with post-doctoral work in computational biophysics modeling DNA denaturation. My first work at the Jackson Laboratory, with Carol Bult in collaboration with the University of Maine, was in the development of GenoSIS, a visualization and analysis tool for genome data interpretation using geographic information science concepts and technology. As part of Mouse Genome Informatics I work in Judy Blake's Gene Ontology (GO) group at JAX in the development of computational methods and tools for statistical analysis and visualization. My current research involves the development of OncoCL, an ontology of cancer cell types, to provide a semantic framework for the integration of cancer-associated molecular data and the properties imparted by the corresponding disrupted cellular pathways with conventional pathology data associated with cancer progression.

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