Manju Sharma, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist

Studying the role of transcriptional factors, growth factors, and stem cell niche in stem cell self-renewal, maintenance and function

My research interests are to understand the transcription regulation and signal transduction pathways involved in normal development, stem cell maintenance and differentiation, in cancers and other human diseases at molecular level. The importance of maintaining correctly controlled transcription is emphasized by the observation that various pathologies arise due to the mutation of genes encoding components of transcription machinery or pathways, which modify their activity. As a Research Associate scientist at University of Washington and now at The Jackson Laboratory I have been studying the role of genes involved in self-renewal and differentiation of germline stem cells. I have address the role of Ztbt16, Gfra1, Eomes, Lin28, Gdnf, and Sin3a genes in maintaining the stem cell properties.