KB Choi, Ph.D.

Kwangbom "KB" Choi, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

Bar Harbor, ME

Research interests: Designing statistical models and machine learning algorithms that characterize the genomic landscape underlying complex traits from next generation sequencing and single-cell technologies.

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Education and experience


The Jackson Laboratory
Postdoctoral Fellow
Adv: Dr. Gary A. Churchill and Matthew A. Hibbs

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ph.D., Computer Science
Adv: Shawn M. Gomez and Jan F. Prins


Gary Churchill's Lab, The Jackson Laboratory
Associate Research Scientist

Gary Churchill's Lab & Matthew Hibb's Lab, The Jackson Laboratory
Postdoctoral Fellow

Software packages developed or supervised

g2gtools: A set of tools for creation of custom genomes and genome-to-genome coordinate conversion.

alntools: A set of tools for preprocessing read alignment files (bam, maf, pslx) into a compressed three-dimensional incident matrix for efficient downstream computation and storage.

kallisto-align: A tool for exporting kallisto pseudo-alignment as a compressed three-dimensional incident matrix.

EMASE: Expectation-Maximization algorithm for Allele-Specific Expression.

emase-zero: C++ implementation of EMASE.

GBRS: Genotype-free genome reconstruction using RNA-Seq data from multiparental population models.

scBASE: A Bayesian mixture model for the analysis of allelic expression in single cells

scRATE: Bayesian model selection approach for detecting zero-inflated genes in droplet-based single-cell RNA sequencing data