Sam Widmayer, Ph.D.

Computational Scientist

I help researchers understand the genetic basis of complex traits by developing reproducible computational genetics pipelines and analytical tools.

My research focuses on revealing the genetic underpinnings of traits that vary continuously in populations, including those sensitive to environmental inputs. During my doctoral training, I used a series of crosses to characterize the relative contributions of genetics and aging to variation in fertility among hybrid male mice. My postdoctoral work focused on identifying novel genetic modifiers of toxicant susceptibility using a genome-wide association study of developmental delay in C. elegans. Throughout my career, I have sought to improve our understanding of human health and disease using genetically diverse model organism populations. At JAX, I support ongoing projects using quantitative genetics in the Diversity Outbred population by developing and maintaining computational workflows for QTL mapping, haplotype reconstruction, and genomics broadly.


North Carolina State University
Ph.D., Genetics
2014 - 2019

University of Delaware
B.S., Ecology
2010 - 2014


Postdoctoral Researcher
Northwestern University
Adv: Dr. Erik Andersen
2019 - 2022

Graduate Research Assistant
North Carolina State University
Adv: Dr. David Aylor
2014 - 2019

Undergraduate Research Assistant
University of Delaware
Adv. Dr. Shawn Polson & Dr. K. Eric Wommack
2011 - 2014