Sam Ardery

Postbaccalaureate Researcher

My research interest combines genetic diversity with human disease presentation, prevention, and treatment.

My long-term research goals include obtaining the necessary skills to begin an independent research group studying the effects of diverse genetics on disease phenotype and treatment, as well as participate in the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the next generation of biological researchers and to the general public. As pre-doctoral staff in the Munger lab, I am able to practice the computational skills necessary to understand the impact of diverse genetics on RNA-sequencing to determine the effectiveness of the various parameters in an experiment. My undergraduate work with Dr. Steve Henle at Carthage College allowed me to gain experience with fluorescent microscopy and CRISPR in order to localize different forms of the Yes-associated protein throughout development of the zebrafish. Outside of research, I enjoy reading and sewing.

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Education and experience


Carthage College
Adv: Steve Henle
BA Biology