Olivia Macrorie, B.S.

Laboratory Technologist

How is the mouse model used to study human diseases? Specifically in the contexts of immunology and neuroscience.

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Bar Harbor, ME





Through my experiences I have gained an understanding of the tools used in biological research, from bacteria to antibodies to mice. I have primarily worked in immunology laboratories, with brief experience in a neuroscience laboratory.

I have done internships at Genzyme, Sanofi and Harvard Medical School. At Genzyme I worked in a phage display group, where I screened for monoclonal antibodies against a protein target. At Sanofi I worked in a preclinical group, working with a team to develop a novel mouse model. At Harvard Medical School I worked with two graduate students to set up and run behavior apparatuses and experiments, for the study of neural circuits.

As a research assistant at The Jackson Laboratory, I have learned about the various mouse models used to study human diseases. I am working on an independent project to develop a novel human transgenic mouse line.

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