Kin Hoe Chow

Kin-hoe Chow, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Bar Harbor, ME

Studying the role of a tumor-related gene in glioblastoma vasculature.

Grants, awards and accomplishments

Maine Cancer Foundation Pilot Grant, Assessing Therapeutic Potential of a New Drug ICG-001 in Glioblastoma. 2013-2014 ($50,000) 

American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship, 2006-2008 ($43,000/2yrs) 

Poster Award, Annual Bioscience Symposium and Don Summers Memorial Lecture, University of Utah 2007 

F1000 Prime nomination as top article in biology and medicine of the publication: Courcelle J, Donaldson JR, Chow KH & Courcelle CT (2003) DNA damage-induced replication fork regression and processing in Escherichia coli. Science 299: 1064-1067. 

Research Assistant of the Year, Master Level, Mississippi State University 2004 

Certificate of Academic Achievement from The Holmes Cultural Diversity Center, Mississippi State University, 2001-2002 

Mississippi State University – INTI College Malaysia Achievement Scholarship 2000-2002