Judith Blake, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Researches functional and comparative genome informatics, developing systems to integrate and analyze genetic, genomic and phenotypic data.

My research focuses on functional and comparative genome informatics. I work on the development of systems to integrate and analyze genetic, genomic and phenotypic information. I am one of the principal investigators of the Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium, an international effort to provide controlled structured vocabularies for molecular biology that serve as terminologies, classifications and ontologies to further data integration, analysis and reasoning. My interest in bio-ontologies stems as well from the work I do as a principal investigator with the Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI) project at The Jackson Laboratory. The MGI system is a model-organism community database resource that provides integrated information about the genetics, genomics and phenotypes of the laboratory mouse. My current research projects combine bio-ontologies and database knowledge systems to analyze disease processes with the objective of discovering new molecular elements and pathways that contribute to particular pathologies such as respiratory diseases. 

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