Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson, M.S.

Senior Scientific Software Engineer

Bar Harbor, ME

As a software engineer my primary areas of interests include image processing, mathematical algorithms and optimization.


  1. “Method and Apparatus for Panoramic Imaging” – US Patent No. 7,834,910 B2, Nov. 16, 2010. Co- inventor: David DeLorme. This patent addresses reduction of motion artifacts in compound cameras deployed on moving platforms, by means of a combination of geometric design, trigger sequencing and image processing.
  2. “Endoscope with Integrated Calibration” – US Patent No. 62/094,720, Dec. 19, 2014. Co- inventors: K.Viering, R.Dresher, A.Levasseur, P.Aquilino. This patent application pertains to the calibration of the pixel response and the storage of the calibration in a disposable endoscope system.