Jim Peterson, M.S.

Senior Scientific Software Engineer

As a software engineer my primary areas of interests include image processing, mathematical algorithms and optimization.

I recently joined Jackson after many years of diverse commercial software development, including consumer, professional and medical software and firmware.  Most recently I worked on a team that developed image processing algorithms for detection of physical features in coronary OCT (optical coherent tomography) scans.  Prior to that I developed the image processing chain for a disposable endoscope used for direct visualization of pancreatic ducts.  For this product I also designed the control feedback algorithm for automatic illumination control.  I also worked on the image processing chain for an optical particle analysis system.  While the system had its origin in marine biology research, it's also been used in pharmaceutical and industrial applications.  Prior to working with the scientific and medical communities I worked for many years in commercial mapping.  In addition to developing consumer and professional mapping applications, I also developed the software for a multi-sensor 360-degree panoramic camera.  The purpose of this camera was to collect mapping data from a moving terrestrial platform to complement data collected from the aerial platforms.  I look forward to applying these experiences to the diverse problems at Jackson.

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  1. “Method and Apparatus for Panoramic Imaging” – US Patent No. 7,834,910 B2, Nov. 16, 2010. Co- inventor: David DeLorme. This patent addresses reduction of motion artifacts in compound cameras deployed on moving platforms, by means of a combination of geometric design, trigger sequencing and image processing.
  2. “Endoscope with Integrated Calibration” – US Patent No. 62/094,720, Dec. 19, 2014. Co- inventors: K.Viering, R.Dresher, A.Levasseur, P.Aquilino. This patent application pertains to the calibration of the pixel response and the storage of the calibration in a disposable endoscope system.