Brian Sanderson, Ph.D.

Assistant Computational Scientist

I am interested in discovering how genetic information can be used to improve medical diagnoses and treatment outcomes.

My past research focused on combining experiments in natural and constructed populations with high-throughput genetic, genomic, and transcriptomic analyses to better understand the current and historical forces that have shaped the evolution of traits, and using those patterns to infer what changes may occur in the future. In my new work at JAX I plan to leverage the knowledge and experience I gained through my academic research to help with the diverse projects that are being conducted to help improve our understanding of the relationships between our genes, environment, and health outcomes.

Brian Sanderson on ORCID

Education and experience


University of Virginia
Ph.D., biology
Advised by Dr. Edmund D. Brodie III

University of Kansas
B.S., genetics
Advised by Dr. Jennifer Gleason


Computational Sciences, The Jackson Laboratory
Assistant Computational Scientist

Department of Biology, West Virginia University
Research Assistant Professor

Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Purdue University
Postdoctoral Researcher, advised by Dr. Chris Oakley

Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University
Postdoctoral Researcher, advised by Dr. Matthew Olson