Anuj Srivastava, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Genome Informatics

Explore and understand the biology of cancer by application and development of computational methods.

Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology led to the generation of vast amounts of sequencing data and provided an unprecedented opportunity to understand the complexity of the genome. However, this massive flood of sequencing data also created challenges in mining patterns of interest from this data. Moreover, the diversity of datasets [RNA-SEQ, ChIP-Seq, Exome, Whole-Genome, ATAC-Seq, HiC, etc.] generated from various technologies also demand more integrated evaluation across multiple sequencing platforms and data types. My dissertation focused on deriving meaningful patterns from these datasets generated from both model and non-model species, studying the variations in non-coding RNA (ncRNA) secondary structure, and developing novel methods for ncRNA detection in the genome using patterns of chromatin modifications. In my role as an associate computational scientist (2014-2016), computational scientist (2016-2019), and then Senior computational scientist (2019-2021) at The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), I worked and led various research projects in collaboration with the faculty. I currently serve as an Associate Director of the Genome Informatics group in the Jackson Laboratory, Department of Computational Sciences and lead a large team of Computational scientists and Bioinformatics Analysts. My group at JAX primarily focused on building systems/algorithms to effectively analyze next-generation sequencing data generated from various sequencing technologies from humans and mice. We have developed particular expertise in the analysis of patient-derived xenograft (PDX) cancer samples as a part of the NCI PDXNet and Pivot program. To sum up, my team focuses on research and building effective systems to help facilitate the research.

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Education and experience

University of Georgia, Athens
Ph.D. Bioinformatics
Adv: Dr. Russell L. Malmberg

SASTRA Deemed University
M.Tech Bioinformatics

Bachelor in Pharmacy