Stoveside Chats: Talking About Talking

In this episode of Stoveside Chats, Moses Davis, director for diversity, equity and inclusion at JAX, is joined in the kitchen by JAX professor Elissa Chesler. Together, they whip up a chocolate cream pie (with rainbow sprinkles!), and offer insights into how to have supportive and productive dialogues, even when the subject is tough.

The difficulty in discussing matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a common concern in many professional and social settings. Often, people are afraid of saying the wrong thing or causing offense, so they stay silent.

In their conversation, Davis and Chesler seek to address these challenges head on. Using personal anecdotes and a healthy dose of dry humor, this engaging conversation is full of suggestions for how to address sensitive topics with grace and understanding. The duo reflects upon the evolving nature of DEI dialogues and the simultaneous struggle to integrate personal and professional identities in the workplace. They cover how to respond when someone unknowingly uses offensive or outdated language, and how to keep a conversation going when someone makes a misstep.  

The topics offer insights on to how to foster open dialogue and promote understanding — even when conversations become uncomfortable.

Watch the full video above for a journey of culinary delight, rich conversation and essential learning.