JAX, the pioneer of using mouse models for mammalian research, enables researchers worldwide to study immune modulation as it pertains to oncology. Access a comprehensive catalog of mouse models and proof-of-concept preclinical in vivo studies to answer your unique questions an understand the immune system response to potential therapeutics.

Leverage the robust engraftment of functional human immune cells and the capability of co-engrafting patient-derived tumors from a selection of over 400 characterized PDX models, exclusively available from JAX. Tumor-bearing, humanized NSG™ mice have the potential to overcome existing challenges posed by syngeneic mouse models, and allow precise preclinical evaluation of antibody-based therapeutics, cancer vaccines, check-point inhibitor therapies, and adoptive cancer immunotherapies.

Advance your drug discovery program with JAX In Vivo Services, experienced engrafting primary human tumor (PDX) and cell-line tissues in humanized NSG™ mice with the capability to evaluate immune checkpoint drugs alone or in combination.