Oncology Services

Be confident in your go or no-go decisions with translationally-relevant data from JAX preclinical oncology solutions. By combining genetically defined tumors with cutting-edge mouse models and unique human immune cell engraftment, JAX enables the validation of diverse oncology drug discovery candidates in an array of in vivo platforms that better recapitulate the human condition.

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Advanced Clinically Relevant Cancer Models

We are committed to providing you with the most innovative preclinical models to delineate the mechanisms underlying disease and enable you to pursue the right therapeutic candidate.

PDX Models are genetically characterized and at earlier passage numbers than any other PDX collection available today. Our collection includes readily available, off-the-shelf PDX LiveTM tumor model cohorts allowing rapid study turnaround and faster decision-making.

TM and NSGTM-SGM3 mice co-engrafted with human tumors (Onco-Hu®), as well as humanized mice that support the development of multiple cellular components of the human immune system.

Preclinical Studies Accelerating Drug Discovery

Leverage JAX expertise to help you design the right proof-of-concept preclinical in vivo study to assess your therapeutic candidate of interest.