Therapeutic Development Solutions

Go from Concept to IND with less risk and more confidence.

JAX provides innovative platforms and cutting-edge solutions to characterize and test your therapeutic candidate. With JAX, you are able to go beyond your initial indications with in-vivo efficacy studies, safety and toxicity data, clinically-predictive patient population responses, and more.

The Therapeutic Development Pipeline

Initial Investigations

Target Validation

Lead Selection & Optimization



In the initial investigation, preliminary data is gathered to generate a hypothesis identify potential new targets that can be used to cure a disease. . Enough data should be generated to identify a target worth moving forward for validation.

In this phase, the goal is to identify a viable target that, when treated with the potential therapeutic candidate, stops the disease (or kills it) without being toxic to the patient. This can be done by combining multiple valuation methods, including various in vitro methods and target modulation in in vivo assays.

With the confidence of a validated target in hand, it’s time to move your most promising therapeutic leads forward. Gathering data for PK/PD, safety, toxicity, and efficacy will allow you to de-risk your pipeline.

At this phase, your top leads get the “pressure test” through an immune system humanized platform and dose raging, to provide more precise, clinically-predictive safety and efficacy data.

With cutting-edge services and validated platforms, JAX provides the scientific expertise to help guide your therapy into the clinic and ultimately, into the hands of patients.

Committed Partner to IND Filing

On your journey to IND filing, you’ll have many goals, from validating your targets to identifying the therapeutic with the ideal blend of safety and efficacy. Pharmacology studies will be your proof that the therapeutic meets FDA requirements, reacts to the intended target, and has the desired clinical effect in a diverse population.

JAX has the tools and expertise to support you on your entire journey to IND filing. Our collection of models and custom model generation services allows you to test in the ideal environment that is both translationally relevant and reproducible. JAX In Vivo studies provide results you need at every point in the journey, from validation to dosing to toxicity. Take advantage of the suite of JAX solutions to de-risk your drug discovery pipeline early and gain confidence in your data every step of the way.