JAX Surgical Services

Our expert surgeons are specially trained to perform surgeries on mice, using aseptic and atraumatic techniques that prevent operative complications permitting a smoother surgical recovery. All surgeries are performed in a laminar flow hood within HEPA-filtered, positive pressure suites to deliver surgically modified mice that are tailored for your specific research needs.

Surgical Procedures Offered:

Surgical Procedure


Adrenalectomy $26.10
Bilateral Brain Cannulation3 $251.90
Catheter, Jugular Vein1,3
(care and use information)
Castration $30.40
Cholecystectomy $103.40
Duodenum catheterization3
(care and use information)
Hepatectomy, partial2/3 $143.80
Hysterectomy $64.90
Intracerebroventricular Cannulation (ICVC)
- Lateral Ventricle3
(care and use information)
Intracerebroventricular Cannulation (ICVC)
- Third Ventricle3
(care and use information)
Jejunum catheterization3
(care and use information)
Microchip insertion5 $18.50
Nephrectomy, Unilateral $35.80
3/4 Nephrectomy $103.10
5/6 Nephrectomy $113.50
Ovariectomy $20.10
Ovario - Hysterectomy $72.50
Ovarian Transplantation (external) $72.00
Splenectomy $30.40
Subcutaneous implant5 $18.90
LabStampTM Tail Tattoo $18.40
Telemetry - Temperature, Activity4,5 $90.50
Telemetry - ECG, Temperature, Activity4,5 $130.90
Telemetry - Blood Pressure, Activity4,5 $158.70
Telemetry - Blood Pressure, ECG4,5 $225.00
Telemetry - EEG + EMG, Activity4,5 $215.00
Telemetry - EEG, Temperature, Activity4,5 $131.90
Telemetry - EMG, Temperature, Activity4,5 $122.30
Thymectomy - Adult $56.70
Thymectomy - Neonate2 $75.50
Unilateral Ureter Ligation $57.20
Vasectomy $27.20
Sham Surgery 100% of regular price
  1. For blood withdrawal, carotid catheter is recommended. For infusion of compounds, jugular catheter is recommended.
  2. Additional box charges apply.
  3. Mice must weigh a minimum of 20g for this procedure.
  4. Mice must weigh a minimum of 25g for this procedure.
  5. Customer supplies device or implant. All devices or implants must be shipped directly from the manufacturer to:

The Jackson Laboratory
Attn: Andree Lapierre
600 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

*Surcharge is applied to all surgeries performed on obese mice.

Pricing & Shipping

  • Price: Cost of the mouse plus the price of the surgical procedure
  • Shipping considerations: Shipment of surgically-altered mice to some geographical locations is restricted. Please check with the animal health and importation authorities within your organization for relevant regulations.