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JAX Presentations and Posters


Title Author(s)
P2 Assessment of Microchip Placement Methods in Immunocompromised Mice A. Hernandez, P. Torres, P. Collier, M. Campagna
P8 A Refined Scalp Retractor for Mice A. Lapierre
P38 Facilitating Access to Research Mice in China through Collaboration W. McCarty, K. Lux, D. Bannerman, C. Miller
P43 Animal Welfare and Compliance - Using Nonanimal Tools to Supplement a Training Program K.A. Blanchette, K. Cough
P179 Performance Qualification Testing of Rodent Drinking Water Systems J.R. Fahey, J.M. Vollmer, R. Malcolm
P236 Evaluation of Two Surgical Models of Renal Failure in the Mouse: 3/4 and 5/6 Nephrectomy A. Lapierre
P237 Lysosomal Storage Disease Caused by a Spontaneous Hexb Gene Mutation in Immunodeficient NOD.Cg-PrkdcscidIl2rgtm1Wjl/SzJ Mice Z. Ochoa-Dragos, DM. Imai, L. Reinholdt, A. Schile
P283 Irradiating SGM3 Mice in Individual Partitions Does Not Impact Engraftment Success of Human CD34+ Hematopoietic Cells M. Palomares, A.S. Yokoyama, P. Sproul, M. Hente, P. Kaur
P290 Comparing Tumor Growth Rate in Young Compared with Aged C57BL/6J Syngeneic Model P. Collier, J. Yang, M. Cheng
P295 Comparing Subcutaneous with Mammary Fat Pad Implantation on Growth Kinetics and Histology of PDX Breast Cancer Models R. Banzon , M. Tewodros, D. VanBuskirk, K. Draheim, M. Cheng
P301 Validation of Different Aspects of the Intratumoral Injection Method S. Yu, M. Palomares, C. Simion, P. Sproul, P. Kaur

Platform Sessions

Author(s) Title
PS32 Pancreatic Cystic Lesions in Laboratory Mice from Predominantly NOD and NOD-derived Backgrounds J.G Vilches-Moure, D.M. Imai, R. Doty
PS50 The Role of Emotional Contagion in Distress Exhibited by Grouped Mice Exposed to CO2 A.D. Moffitt, L. Brignolo, A. Ardeshir, M. Creamer-Hente
PS90 Cost Modeling: Factors to Consider when Maintaining Inhouse Breeding Colonies of Mice L. Thibault, S.Sterlace
PS107 Comparing Male and Female Phenotypes in Common Mouse Models of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease J. Serrano, K. Leighton, R. French, A. Schile
A Novel Scalp Retraction Model for Mice A. LaPierre
Smart Approaches In Animal Facility Management J. Hasenau, G. Estrella, N. Lipman, C. Southern, L.Waterman, K. Vandegrift