AAI 2017 Booth #807

Recharge your batteries at The Jackson Laboratory AAI Booth #807. While you are there, learn more about our CRISPR/Cas9 model generation service, humanized mouse models, Aged B6, educational resources, post doc opportunities, and more.

Postdoc and education opportunities

Learn more about the nonprofit research institution at JAX, including independent faculty research, academic postdoctoral opportunities, and courses and conferences. Visit jax.org/education.

  • Guide: Humanized Mice for Immuno-Oncology

    NSG™ mice are a proven host for engraftment of human tumors or establishment of human immunity following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. This guide explains why the interactions between human immune cells and tumors are paramount when devising treatment strategies that prevent tumor evasion of immune cells and improve cytotoxic responses.