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April 15 - 18 | Chicago, IL

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Posters & Presentations

Sunday April 15th

1 – 5 PM

PO.IM02.08 - Inflammation, Immunity, and Cancer

700 / 10 - Characterization of new AML PDX models: Engraftment kinetics and mutational profile

Pali Kaur1, Victoria Sachs1, Amanda L. Christie2, David M. Weinstock2, James G. Keck1. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Sacramento, CA; 2Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA

PO.TB02.01 - Targeting Cancer Stemness

165 / 25 - Cancer stem cell phenotypes determine mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies

Joshy George1, Yaohui Chen2, Keiko Yamamoto3, Scott Adamson4, Jeff Chuang1, Kyuson Yun2. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT; 2Houston Methodist Research Institute/Weill Cornell Medical Collge, Houston, TX; 3The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; 4The Jackson Laboratory, Houston, CT

PO.MCB07.03 - Cancer Predisposition and Synthetic Lethality

347 / 28 - Targeting the AICDA/RAD51 axis: A novel gain-of-function synthetic lethal therapy for the treatment of AICDA-expressing cancers

Muneer Hasham1, Kin-hoe Chow1, Tyler Maclay2, Amber Cyr2, Darryl Patrick2, Melinda Day2, Kevin D. Mills2. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; 2Cyteir Therapeutics, Inc, Cambridge, MA

Monday April 16th

8 AM – 12 PM

PO.TB01.01 - Advances in the Generation and Analysis of Patient-Derived Xenografts

1029 / 2 - The PDX Data Commons and Coordinating Center (PDCCC) for PDXNet

Anurag Sethi1, Anuj Srivastava2, Xingyi Woo3, Vishal Sarsani3, Ziming Zhao2, Javad Noorbakhsh2, Christian French1, Jack DiGiovanna1, Ogan D. Abaan1, Steve Neuhauser3, Peter Robinson2, Yvonne A. Evrard4, Carol J. Bult3, Jeffrey A. Moscow5, Brandi Davis-Dusenbery1, Jeffrey H. Chuang2. 1Seven Bridges Genomics, Cambridge, MA; 2The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT; 3The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, CT; 4Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Frederick, MD; 5National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, MD

1034 / 7 - Genotyping of patient-derived xenograft tumors using short tandem repeats: Challenges and observations in ensuring concordance across passages for effective preclinical studies

Bridgette Sisson1, Andrew Hesse1, Melissa Soucy1, Daniel Bergeron1, Shelbi Burns1, Kevin Kelly1, Emily Jocoy2, Margaret Bundy2, Honey V. Reddi1. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT; 2The Jackson Laboratory, Sacramento, CA

PO.TB01.02 - Translational Therapeutics in Cancer Models 1

1166 / 23 - Identification of predictive markers for clinical efficacy of triple-negative breast cancer chemotherapy

Jihui Yun1, Saem Hur1, Wonyoung Kang2, Deukchae Na3, Jeesoo Chae1, Jinjoo Kang4, Ju-Hee Kim5, Jiwoo Lee5, Woohang Heo1, Wonshik Han5, Charles Lee2, Dong-Young Noh5, Hyeong-Gon Moon5, Jong-Il Kim1. 1Seoul National University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea, Republic of; 2The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, CT; 3Ewha Womans University Mokdong Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of; 4Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, Republic of; 5Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea, Republic of

PO.TB10.02 - Tumor Heterogeneity 2

1176 / 6 - Genomic profiling of canine glioma: Comparative analyses with respect to drivers of human glioma

Samirkumar B. Amin1, Juan Emmanuel Martinez-Ledesma2, Beth Boudreau3, Hoon Kim1, Kevin C. Johnson1, Peter V. Dickinson4, Rebecca Packer5, Amanda R. Taylor6, John H. Rossmeisl, Jr.7, Amy Heimberger2, Jonathan Levine3, Roel Verhaak1. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT; 2The UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX; 3Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, College Station, TX; 4UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Davis, CA; 5Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO; 6Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, Auburn, AL; 7VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine, Blacksburg, VA

1 PM - 5PM

PO.ET06.02 - Novel Experimental Combinations

2926 / 6 - The glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitor, 9-ING-41, synergizes with chemotherapy to inhibit pancreatic tumor growth in vivo

Li Ding1, Jin-san Zhang1, John R. Dube1, Vijay S. Madamsetty2, Daniel M. Schmitt3, Debabrata Mukhopadhyay2, Daniel D. Billadeau1. 1Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; 2Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, Jacksonville, FL; 3Actuate Therapeutics, Fort Worth, TX

2945 / 25 - Arsenic trioxide sensitizes glioma stem cells to brain penetrant PI3K and mTOR inhibitor GDC-0084

Jianwen Dong1, Emmanuel Martinez-Ledesma1, Nghi Nguyen2, Caroline Carrillo1, Yuji Piao1, Verlene Henry1, Soon Young Park1, Ningyi Tiao1, Clifford Stephan2, Roel Verhaak3, Erik Sulman1, Veerakumar Balasubramaniyan1, John F. de Groot1. 1UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX; 2Texas A&M Health Science Center at Houston, Houston, TX; 3The Jackson Laboratory, Houston, TX

Tuesday April 17th

8 AM – 12 PM

PO.BSB01.03 - Sequence Analysis and Unique Database Resources

3281 / 12 - PDX Finder: An open and global catalogue of patient tumor-derived xenograft models

Nathalie A. Conte1, Terrence F. Meehan1, Dale A. Begley2, Debbie M. Krupke2, Csaba Halmagyi1, Jeremy C. Mason1, Abayomi Mosaku1, Steven B. Neuhauser1, Helen Parkinson1, Carol J. Bult2. 1European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), Hinxton, United Kingdom; 2The Jackson Laboratories, Bar Harbor, ME

PO.MCB03.04 - Oncogene Growth Factors and Their Receptors

3491 / 1 - Heterogeneous extrachromosomal amplification of mutant PDGFRA is associated with an aggressive phenotype in glioblastoma

Artem D. Berezovsky1, Andrea D. Transou1, Susan M. Irtenkauf1, Laura A. Hasselbach1, Julie Koeman2, Hoon Kim3, Roel G. W. Verhaak3, Tom Mikkelsen1, Laila M. Poisson1, Ana C. deCarvalho1. 1Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI; 2Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids, MI; 3The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT

PO.MCB09.05 - Genomic Profiling of Tumors 2

3428 / 10 - Development and validation of the plasma monitor test system

Kevin J. Kelly, Jr., Jasmina Uvalic, Daniel Bergeron, Shelbi Burns, Melissa Soucy, Guruprasad Ananda, Andrew Hesse, Pavalan Panneer Selvam, Honey V. Reddi. The Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT

1 PM - 5PM

PO.ET01.03 - Combination Chemotherapy 1

4819 / 18 - High-throughput screening of glioma stem-like cells (GSCs) identifies synergistic therapeutic combination of FGFR inhibitor and CDK4/6 inhibitor

Jianwen Dong1, Emmanuel Martinez-Ledesma1, Nghi Nguyen2, Shaofang Wu1, Yuji Piao1, Ningyi Tiao1, Soon Young Park1, David Brunell2, Clifford Stephan2, Roel Verhaak3, Erik Sulman1, Veerakumar Balasubramaniyan1, John F. de Groot1. 1UT MD Anderson Cancer, Houston, TX; 2Institute of Biosciences and Technology, Texas A&M Health Science Center, Houston, TX; 3The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT

PO.ET05.02 - Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

4905 / 1 - Utility of human FcRn transgenic mice for preclinical screening of immunotherapeutics

Gregory J. Christianson, Emily Lowell, Cat Lutz. The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

PO.IM01.02 - New Immunosuppressive Mechanisms in Cancer

4746 / 20 - Microbes in the tumor microenvironment: Bacterial influences on host immunity in colorectal cancer

Christine M. Pierce1, Bo-young Hong2, Hannah J. Hoehn1, Maria F. Gomez1, Marilena Melas3, Kevin McDonnell3, Youngchul Kim1, Erica Sodergren2, George Weinstock2, Hedy S. Rennert4, Thomas Giordano5, Joel Greenson5, Gad Rennert4, Stephen B. Gruber3, Stephanie L. Schmit1. 1Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL; 2The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT; 3University of Southern California Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA; 4Clalit National Israeli Cancer Control Center, Haifa, Israel; 5University of Michigan School of Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI

PO.MCB09.06 - Genomic Profiling of Tumors 3

4355 / 25 - Identification and functional characterization of glioma structural variants

Kevin C. Johnson1, Floris P. Barthel1, Ming Tang2, Samirkumar Amin1, Qianghu Wang2, Erik P. Sulman2, Kunal Rai2, Roel G.W Verhaak1. 1The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT; 2The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

Wednesday April 18th

8 AM – 12 PM

PO.TB01.06 - Dissecting Tumorigenesis in Vivo Using Genetic Approaches and Spontaneous Tumor Models

5094 / 3 - The Jackson Laboratory Repository: Mouse strains relevant to human cancer

Deborah Boswell, Stephen Rockwood, Cathleen Lutz, The JAX Repository Team. The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

5097 / 6 - Knock-in of a human tumor suppressor (25-kilobase pairs) by traditional and CRISPR/Cas9-stimulated homologous recombination

Tiffany Leidy-Davis1, Kai Cheng2, Leslie Goodwin1, Judith Morgan1, Wen Chun Juan3, Xavier Roca4, Sin-Tiong Ong5, David E. Bergstrom1. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; 2Charles River Laboratories, Wilmington, MA; 3Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, Singapore, Singapore; 4School of Biological Sciences, Singapore, Singapore; 5Department of Medical Oncology, Singapore, Singapore

5102 / 11 - Identifying relevant mouse models of human cancer using the mouse tumor biology database (MTB)

Dale A. Begley, Debra M. Krupke, Steven B. Neuhauser, Joel E. Richardson, John P. Sundberg, Carol J. Bult. The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

5107 / 16 - A novel MTA1 knock-in mouse model for the mechanistic and therapeutic studies of MTA1-driven prostate cancer

Avinash Kumar1, Swati Dhar2, Nasir A. Butt2, Pravin R. Phadatare1, Kshiti Dholakia1, Jogarao Vedula3, Virginia Donovan3, Anait S. Levenson1. 1Long Island University, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Brooklyn, NY; 2University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS; 3NYU Winthrop Hospital, Mineola, NY

5111 / 20 - Gene editing in the NSG mouse strain and its genetic derivatives

David S. Grass, F. William Buaas, Michael V. Wiles, Benjamin E. Low, Peter Kutny. The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

5113 / 22 - Spontaneous tumors in aging colonies of C57BL/6J mice

Andrew Schile1, Stephanie Dion2, Denise Imai-Leonard3, Rosalinda Doty2. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Sacramento, CA; 2The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; 3University of California, Davis, Davis, CA

PO.IM01.05 - Emerging Tools and Models in Immuno-oncology Research

5665 / 1 - NOD-scid IL2rgnull (NSG) mice deficient in murine MHC Class I and Class II expression support engraftment of functional human T cells in the absence of acute xenogeneic GVHD following injection of PBMC

Michael A. Brehm1, Michael Wiles2, Laurie Kenney1, Ben Low2, Roland M. Tisch3, Lisa Burzenski2, James G. Keck4, Dale L. Greiner1, Leonard D. Shultz2. 1University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA; 2The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; 3University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Medical, Chapel Hill, NC; 4The Jackson Laboratory, Sacramento, CA

5674 / 10 - Transgenic expression of human IL15 in NOD-scid IL2rgnull (NSG) mice enhances the development and survival of functional human NK cells

Ken-Edwin Aryee1, Lisa Burzenski2, Dale L. Greiner1, Raymond M. Welsh1, Leonard D. Shultz2, James G. Keck3, Michael A. Brehm1. 1University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA; 2The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; 3The Jackson Laboratory, Sacramento, CA

5676 / 12 - Patient-derived tumor xenografts in humanized NSG-SGM3 mice: An improved immuno-oncology platform

Li-Chin Yao1, Mingshan Cheng1, Ken-Edwin Aryee2, Pooja Kumar3, Nicole Walsh2, Dale Greiner2, Leonard Shultz4, Edison T. Liu4, Michael Brehm2, James G. Keck1. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Sacramento, CA; 2University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA; 3The Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT; 4The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

5680 / 16 - Quantitative cellular and molecular imaging of the intact tumor microenvironment

Jan Martinek, Hannah M. Brookes, Te-chia Wu, Lili Sun, Philipp Henrich, Kyung In Kim, Joshy George, Paul Robson, Jacques Banchereau, Karolina Palucka. Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT

PO.MCB09.08 - Genomic Profiling of Tumors 5

5381 / 14 - Understanding the genesis and oncogenic consequences of tandem duplicator phenotypes in human cancers

Francesca Menghi1, Floris Barthel1, Vinod Yadav1, Ming Tang2, Bo Ji3, Gregory Carter3, Jos Jonkers4, Roel Verhaak1, Ralph Scully5, Ed Liu3. 1The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT; 2MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX; 3The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME; 4Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 5Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA

5382 / 15 - The evaluation of the DEPArray NXT™ as a clinical application for somatic tumor profiling from FFPE tissue

Jasmina Uvalic1, Kevin Kelly1, Daniel Bergeron1, Yadwinder Deol2, Claudio Forcato2, Honey Reddi1. 1The Jackson Laboratory, Farmington, CT; 2Menarini Silicon Biosystems, Inc., Italy

PO.MCB05.05 - DNA Methylation

5322 / 11 - Normal breast tissue 5-hydroxymethylcytosine is enriched at DNA regulatory elements of breast cancer cells

Owen Michael Wilkins1, Kevin C. Johnson2, E. Andres Houseman3, Jessica E. King4, Carmen J. Marsit5, Brock C. Christensen1. 1Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; 2The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine, Farmington, CT; 3Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR; 4University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA; 5Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta, GA

Whitepaper: Human Immune System Reconstitution in NSG™ Mouse Models

NSG™ and NSG™-SGM3 mice engrafted with allogeneic human tumors represent a valuable preclinical testing platform for immuno-oncology.

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Whitepaper: Humanized Mice for Immuno-Oncology

NSG™ mice are a proven host for engraftment of human tumors or establishment of human immunity following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

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Booklet: Oncology Preclinical Models & Services

This booklet explains how JAX® Mice, Clinical and Research Services for oncology are essential tools for the in vivo study of hematological malignancies, neoplasia, regenerative medicine, and immune-oncology

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