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Terms: Some transgenes or genetic mutations may have unanticipated adverse effects on embryonic and fetal development that may result in the inability to recover a strain from cryopreserved sperm. This is true even of strains that have demonstrated acceptable fertilization rates through our QC to two-cell embryo production process. THEREFORE, THE JACKSON LABORATORY MAKES NO GUARANTEE THAT TWO-CELL OR LIVE BORN MICE CAN BE RECOVERED. Quality control tests are preformed with standard controls for each run. Sample-specific failures can be distinguished from process-specific failures. If a process-specific failure is detected, all samples in that run will be retested at The Jackson Laboratory's discretion. THE JACKSON LABORATORY ("JACKSON") GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY TO ALL SPERM CRYO AND SPEED REDERIVATION PROJECTS (see general terms and conditions).

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