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Our custom breeding and integrated services save you time, space, and money. Let JAX manage your mouse colonies easily and affordably.

  • Breeding

  • Genome Scanning

  • Rederivation

  • Speed Congenic

  • Speed Expansion

  • Strain Rescue


Our Breeding Services makes managing your mouse colonies easy and affordable. We'll make sure you get the mice you need, when you need them.

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Genome Scanning

JAX-designed SNP panels are used to develop congenic lines in your lab, confirm strain identity, and monitor genetic quality.

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Is the health status of your mice confounding your research results, impairing reproduction, or shortening their lifespans? We can help restore them to a specified and opportunistic pathogen-free health status to get your research back on track.

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Speed Congenic

Using Speed Congenics, we can take your strain and produce genetically well-defined congenic mice of high health status in record time.

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Speed Expansion

Need dozens or hundreds of age-matched mice fast? Speed expansion via IVF rapidly develops mouse colonies at a specified and opportunistic pathogen-free status.

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Strain Rescue

We can rescue your endangered mice. Our team has rescued over 100 mouse strains from extinction due to breeding cessation or to health issues.

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  • Cryopreservation

  • Cryo Storage

  • Disaster Planning

  • Cryorecovery


Protect your valuable strains from unfortunate events. JAX Cryopreservation offers fast and reliable methods for archiving embryos and sperm so you can feel assured about the safety of your strains.

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Cryo Storage

Cryopreserved sperm and embryos can be easily damaged by improper storage conditions. As one of the first organizations to cryopreserve mouse embryos and sperm, The Jackson laboratory has decades of experience managing cryopreserved materials. Our secure facilities are equipped with monitored and alarmed tanks overseen by experienced staff, ensuring the future recoverability of your strains.

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Disaster Planning

Disasters happen. Protect your strains from unforeseen circumstances with good planning and JAX Cryopreservation and Recovery Services.

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JAX successfully cryorecovers over 2,500 strains/year and is capable of recovering private strains cryopreserved and stored at The Jackson Laboratory for reinitiation of projects or for collaborators.

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  • Aging

  • Diet-Induced Obesity

  • Surgical

  • Timed-Pregnant Mice


Some diseases, such as Alzheimer's and cancer, develop later in life— both in humans and mice. We will age and deliver mice to you when they reach an age appropriate for your research.

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Diet-Induced Obesity

Diets high in fat have been attributed to a host of diseases, including obesity, metabolic and inflammatory diseases. The Jackson Laboratory maintains an inventory of diet-induced obesity (DIO) models, and can place any strain on any fully customized diet so that your mice are ready when you need them.

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Our expert surgeons are specially trained to perform surgeries on mice, using aseptic and atraumatic techniques that prevent operative complications permitting a smoother surgical recovery. All surgeries are performed in a laminar flow hood within HEPA-filtered, positive pressure suites to deliver surgically modified mice that are tailored for your specific research needs.

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Timed-Pregnant Mice

Eliminate the need for stud males and/or colony maintenance using JAX Timed-Pregnant Females. By capitalizing on our expertise on mouse reproduction and husbandry, your experiments are one step closer to completion.

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  • Custom Mouse Models

  • Additional Services

Custom Mouse Models

Work with the world leader in generating precision mouse models. JAX can generate the models you need for your research project, including custom genetically humanized mice.

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Additional Services

Save time and effort when you opt for additional services, such as the rapid generation of large aged-matched cohorts of study-ready mutant mice. Additional services include:

  • Off-target effects analysis
  • Breeding services for further model characterization
  • Rapid generation of large cohorts through our Speed Expansion Service and regular delivery via Dedicated Supply
  • Cryopreservation of new CRISPR models
  • Pilot studies to characterize the expression of human immune cell protein, tumor proteins, or antigens in your model system
  • PK studies, including therapeutic antibody half-life evaluation
  • Preclinical efficacy studies with your compound